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Eat at Regular Times

A lot of people find they are hungry all the time. Part of this has to do with habits developed over time. Let’s look at an example. Jane almost always eats at the same time every single day. She has breakfast at 7:30am, Lunch at 1pm, and Dinner at 6:30pm. Because of her regular eating routine, she tends to get hungry around mealtime, which is what we want. Compare this to her friend, Lucy, who has Breakfast at 7am sometimes, sometimes has it at 11am, and sometimes skips it altogether. Lucy also sometimes has lunch at 12pm, and 2pm at other times. She then has dinner anytime between 5pm and 10pm. Lucy is teaching her body to be hungry at random times, so that is what her body does. Lucy thinks she has hormonal problems, which is why she is hungry all the time. In fact, she is hungry all the time because she trained her body to be hungry all the time. Her body doesn’t know when to expect the next meal, so as a result, it makes her feel hungry. The point is this, if you eat at regular times every day, you will train your body to feel less hungry between meals. Ideally, you want to eat at the same time every day, give or take 30 minutes.

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