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  • Are your services covered by insurance?
    Yes, a lot of extended insurance plans cover our services. We will provide you with an invoice that you can use to claim our services with your insurance provider.
  • Do you have a couples discount?
    Yes, we will discount the second individual's package by 10%. This can mean savings of up to $100!
  • I heard losing weight is a financially smart idea, can you explain that to me?
    Overweight individuals consume approximately $1500 a year more in food than healthy weight individuals. This means that if you are overweight for 10 years, you will have spent $15,000 on food that you wouldn't have needed if you were at a healthy weight. Furthermore, overweight individuals pay approximately $700 a year more for medication due to weight related diseases. Over a 5 year period, if you choose to lose weight now you will save $11,000.
  • Are your services online?
    Our weight loss program is conveniently delivered online for your convenience. This has two distinct advantages for you: It allows you to be in contact with the Nutritionist everyday, rather than once a month in the clinic like 99% of other weight loss programs It saves you time having to commute via car or bus to a clinic every week 99% of our former patients recommend the program to someone else, book a free 15-minute phone consultation today to discover why!
  • What are your qualifications?
    Honours Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology & Health Science with focus in: Nutrition Exercise Science Human Physiology As well as diplomas in various fields: -Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -Diploma in Nutrition & Health -Diploma in Human Nutrition Plus years of practical experience helping people lose weight and keep it off for good!
  • I want to learn more, what should I do?
    Book a free consultation by clicking the link below. We will have a 15 minute discussion via phone call or over FaceTime or Zoom to see which package will work best for you, and begin customizing your plan together.
  • What is the guarantee?
    Our weight loss program comes with a goal weight guarantee. If you don't reach your goal weight after following the program, we'll give you a full 100% refund. That's how certain we are that you will succeed with us! Parts of the agreement most relevant to the guarantee: Program length is defined as: 3 months for clients who purchased the bronze package, 6 months for clients who purchased the sliver package, or 9 months for clients who purchased the gold package. Extensions to the program length may be made by agreement of both the nutritionist and the client. The program will end 3 months after the start date for clients who purchased the bronze package, 6 months after the start date for clients who purchased the silver package, and 9 months after the start date for clients who purchased the gold package. The start date is defined as the day after the client makes payment for their package, or another date as determined by both the nutritionist and client. You agree that no warranties or representations have been made to you regarding the results you will achieve from Daniel Triumbari Consulting Ltd.’s services. You agree that results may vary. You agree that quitting and/or requesting an end to the program early (before the 3, 6, or 9 months of program length are fully complete) for any reason will result in the cessation of all services to you the client without any refund. You agree that the only circumstance in which you will be eligible for any refund is if you have fulfilled all the following six conditions for the duration of the entire program consistently (more than 90% of the time for each condition): 1. Texted the nutritionist your current weight every morning (in your local time) after having weighed yourself every morning for the entire program length. 2. Ate only the food assigned to you as specified on the diet plan for the entire program length. 3. Inputted all of your food consumed on the diet diary (MyFitnessPal or alternative approved by nutritionist) every day for the entire program length. 4. Filled out and sent the success checklist each night to the nutritionist for the entire program length. 5. Completed daily your specified exercise routine as frequently and in the manner as instructed for the entire program length. 6. Sent a screenshot of the completed diet diary (MyFitnessPal or equivalent as determined by the nutritionist) and a screenshot of the completed success checklist each night for the entire program length. You agree that the only condition whatsoever that you are eligible for a refund is where all the above six conditions have been met consistently (more than 90% of the time) for the entire program length, and you have not achieved your goal weight at the end of the program as specified on your intake form or as determined by the nutritionist. Examples of actions that would render you the client ineligible for a refund include, but are not limited to, failure to meet any of the above conditions, quitting the program, or requesting a refund prior to the end of the program. You agree that being unsatisfied with the services provided does not make you eligible for a refund. By signing this agreement, you accept and agree with all of the limitations in this agreement on any possible refund. Daniel Triumbari Consulting Ltd.’s services to you cannot be transferred to any other individual. You agree that any images or messages with Daniel Triumbari become the property of Daniel Triumbari Consulting Ltd. and may be used for marketing purposes. Program abandonment: The client is deemed to have abandoned the program after failing to contact (via text message or phone call) the nutritionist for 7 consecutive days. Exceptions to this will be made for clients on vacation outside of Canada, who have informed the nutritionist of their departure and the length of their vacation. If the client has abandoned the program, all services to them are ceased and they are ineligible for any refund whatsoever.
  • How much weight can I expect to lose?
    It will depend on your starting weight and vary based on the individual and their circumstances. Please book a free 15-minute phone consultation with the Nutritionist to discuss your anticipated rate of weight loss for your individual needs.
  • What does a package include?
    All of our packages include: Custom diet plan Custom exercise plan 24/7 support availability Weekly formal meetings Advanced fitness tracking Advanced diet tracking Personalized advice Enhanced nutrition monitoring
  • What does losing weight help with?
    Losing weight has been scientifically proven to: Reduce blood pressure Reverse diabetes Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Improve sexual performance Fix low back pain / knee pain Help with thyroid issues Help with depression Help with anxiety
  • Do you do keto / vegan / paleo / gluten free... etc?
    Yes, we can customize your plan to be vegan or keto or paleo or anything you'd like. You can be successful on any of these plans, it will come down to which one you enjoy the most.
  • What is the minimum / maximum age to be a client?
    We help individuals as young as 12, and there is not age limit. Our oldest client is 85!
  • Do I need to exercise to lose weight?
    It is not necessary to exercise to lose weight. It is strongly recommended to exercise for your overall health. That being said, all of our members receive a customized exercise program that will fit their needs, taking into account the equipment they have access to, and the available time they have to exercise.
  • Will I need equipment to exercise?
    No, equipment is not necessary. If you have equipment, your program will be designed for you to use your equipment during your workouts.
  • What makes your program different?
    Our program is different for three reasons: We do not do extreme dieting (so you will not be starving all the time) We work together to find something sustainable and enjoyable for you (so everything is customized to your needs and preferences) You will receive 24/7 one on one support, helping you lose weight quickly and keep it off (so you won't be left to fend for yourself against cravings if they occur!)
  • How do I know which package is best for me?
    We offer 3 packages: three, six, and nine month memberships. If you need to lose under 50 pounds the three month bronze package will be the best one for you. If you need to lose between 50-100 pounds then the six month silver package is best. If you need to lose over 100 pounds then the nine month gold package is best for you. If your unsure how much weight you need to lose, you can set up a free consultation by clicking the link below.
  • Does the diet change week to week?
    Yes, the diet will change over time based on your feedback and results. Usually, the meals will change every 2-3 weeks depending on your preferences, providing you with new meals to keep you motivated!
  • Do I need to take supplements?
    Unless you have a diagnosed dietary deficiency, are advised by your doctor to do so, or are on a prolonged vegan diet, it is not necessary to take supplements.
  • How are appointments conducted?
    For your convenience, all of your appointments will be conducted via phone call or over Video Call through either Zoom or FaceTime, whichever you prefer.
  • How Does Your Weight Loss Program Work?
    Our Weight Loss Program is multi-faceted and unique in its approach. Following your free consultation, Daniel will use advanced software and metrics along with his experience to calculate which foods and exercise are most appropriate for you to lose weight quickly, sustainably, and permanently. Daniel will use this information to build you a customized diet and exercise program, tailored to your specific needs and goals. For example, he will take into account: Your dietary preferences Your food allergies Your Basal Metabolic Rate Your medical conditions Your genetics Your preferred eating habits Your available exercise time Your available exercise equipment And much more Following the construction of your custom plan, you and him will review the plan together. After this, your plan will be adapted to your progress, and can be altered as needed to ensure your weight loss continues. You will continue to be in contact with Daniel frequently, updating him on your progress and if you have any questions. Daniel will track your weight loss, exercise, and ongoing food consumption through the use of Advanced Software Applications, and modify your plan accordingly based off of your progress. To find out more details about the Weight Loss Program, please schedule a free consultation with Daniel.
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